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Nordis Capital Inc.


5300 Clark
Montreal, QC H2T 2V2
(514) 296 - 9667

Principal Contacts

François Boutin-Dufresne
Tel: (514) 296 - 9667

Client Minimums

Has no minimum for private clients.

Has no minimum for institutional clients.

Types of Accounts Managed

  • Private Individual / Investor
  • Institutional Investor - Pension Plan
  • Institutional Investor - Non-Profit
  • Institutional Investor - First Nations
  • Institutional Investor - Other

Provinces of Business

  • Quebec*

* indicates a physical location in this province

About Us

Nordis Capital was founded on the premise that investing in sustainability-themed megatrends can improve longer term risk-adjusted returns and help investors and corporations achieve greater impact.

Our unique views on sustainable investing and global markets are rooted in our team’s world-class experience in asset management, global investment research, and policymaking.  These skills enable us to offer investment solutions at the nexus of sustainability and financial performance for our clients.

Nordis Capital: Building a future-positive world

We favor long-term value over short-term profit and look to build investment solutions which reflect our values that go beyond building uniquely financial capital

  • Human Capital is product of investment in people to achieve better outcomes.
  • Social Capital is the building of networks and relationships that improve the wellbeing of societies.
  • Natural capital is the material environment we inherit and look to pass on to future generations;
  • Financial capital is what funding is available to individuals and societies to invest and protect against unforeseen risks.