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TenSquared Investments Inc.


20 Eglinton Ave. West
Suite 1006
Toronto, Ontario M4R 1K8

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Client Minimums

Has no minimum for private clients.

Has no minimum for institutional clients.

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None specified.

Who We Are

TenSquared Investments Inc. is an independent, client-focused, boutique investment firm owned by its three portfolio managers. Our name, TenSquared (10^2) Investments, embodies both our combined 100 years of experience, and our focus on helping your wealth grow.

Our Philosophy

After long, successful careers managing portfolios for major institutions, our passion for investing, our drive, and our know-how continue to define us. We see a need amongst High Net Worth individuals and families for the rigorous, disciplined, investment process and risk management expertise that we offer to pension funds and foundations. Unlike many large financial firms, we are not “asset gatherers” – we are investment professionals. Our focus is on satisfying your investment needs – and doing so with competitive fees and full transparency. We invest alongside our clients – ensuring a perfect alignment of interests.

Our Approach

At TenSquared Investments Inc.  we understand that our clients are unique in their current financial circumstances, and in their investment objectives. We recognize that a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach is not suited to meeting their needs. We offer our clients complete in-house investment solutions, not generic products. We construct portfolios for clients that reflect their specific goals for capital growth and income, while respecting their risk tolerances.

Our investment process is theme focused, fundamentally driven, and disciplined, and is reliant on our extensive research efforts and our experience. We work as a team to identify those investments best suited to meeting the growth, income and low-volatility objectives of our clients. Working as a team ensures consistency in the portfolio construction process, and that each client benefits from our combined expertise. The resulting client portfolios thus combine attractive valuations, business growth potential, income, and sufficient diversification for proper risk management. Our process aims to generate consistent returns that safeguards our clients’ wealth and helps it grow over time.