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Renno & Co.


3 Place Ville-Marie
Suite 400
Montreal, QC H3B 2E3
(514) 819 - 9443



Principal Contacts

Noah Billick
(514) 465 - 5242

About Us

Forget what you know about lawyers and law firms.

Renno & Co. is a full-service corporate and commercial law firm serving entrepreneurs and the businesses they create.  Renno’s regulatory compliance practice is led by Noah Billick, an ex-General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer with over a decade of in-house experience serving Portfolio Managers.

Renno provides a full suite of legal services relating to compliance, including all aspects of registration, drafting and implementation of policies and procedures manuals, client disclosures, business planning, communications with regulators, and more.

On an ongoing basis Renno & Co provides regulatory updates, reviews of regulatory materials, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reviews and reposing, regulatory audit support, registration, and more. We can also provide outsourced compliance officer support, mandatory training programs, and a full suite of AML and ATF support services.

Renno is a trusted partner when you have a complex problem to solve.  Ranging from regulatory enforcement, client complaints, internal investigations, and virtually anything else that could arise, we have the experience and expertise to bring any challenging situation to a satisfying outcome.