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Learnedly Canada Inc.


1 University Avenue, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M5J 2P1
(416) 441 - 9208



Principal Contacts

John Waldron
(416) 356 - 3474

Financial Training Simplified.

Learnedly is an educational institution that offers a modern, low-cost, digital training platform for Canada’s financial services industry. Earn continuing education credits, prepare for industry exams and access the reference library—all on one platform.

Learnedly helps Canadian financial professionals save time, money and frustration with industry training. Prepare for industry exams, satisfy continuing education requirements and access hundreds of videos in our growing library— all on one platform. Our mission is to provide modern training for today’s learners.

With Learnedly’s mobile app for iOS and Android devices, learners can access any content in just three clicks. Stream on demand or download for offline viewing, Learnedly is your training library wherever you take your phone. And keeping track of continuing education credits has never been easier. Generate a detailed course completion record anytime, keeping you in the good books of your compliance department.