Are you a private client?

Private clients are individuals and families who have a significant financial portfolio and require expertise and access to investments beyond those available to the mass market. Because of the size of their portfolios, private clients have investment needs similar to those of endowments, foundations and institutions, which is why private clients work with portfolio managers.

  • Household wealth of several hundred thousand dollars or more
  • Sudden lump sum from:
    • Inheritance
    • Selling a business, practice or property
    • Retirement or severance package
  • Multi-generation wealth management
  • Complicated trust, tax or estate needs

Are You Ready to be a Private Client?

  • Investment Portfolio Size
    If you have a sizeable portfolio of several hundred thousand dollars or more, you need specific expertise and access to investments that are not available to investors with smaller portfolios. Also, the size of your portfolio affords a lower fee structure than available with mass-market or retail funds.
  • Complex Investment Needs
    You may have multi-generational wealth needs that require specific attention or tax, trust and estate requirements that are beyond the expertise of retail brokers and financial planners. You may own or operate businesses or a professional practice that adds an additional level of complexity to managing your wealth. Portfolio managers work with clients with unique and complex circumstances so they are well positioned to help or guide you with your wealth management.
  • Direct Relationship
    As a private client, you have a direct relationship with the firm that manages your money. This eliminates third-party distributors and brokers, which often account for layers and fees between you and the professionals investing your money.
  • More Detailed Reporting
    With a larger portfolio, you need to understand your performance and that often involves understanding the investment strategy behind your performance numbers. Many portfolio managers also manage funds for institutions and, as a result, are diligent about providing investment detail well beyond what is required at the mass-market level.