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1832 Asset Management L.P.


40 King Street West
52nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5H 1H1
(416) 933 - 3004

Principal Contacts

Todd Flick
Managing Director, Private Investment Counsel
Tel: (416) 933 - 3004

Client Minimums

Private: $750,000
Institutional: $10,000,000

Types of Accounts Managed

  • Private Individual / Investor

Provinces of Business

  • Alberta*
  • British Columbia*
  • Manitoba*
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador*
  • Nova Scotia*
  • Ontario*
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec*
  • Saskatchewan*
  • Yukon

* indicates a physical location in this province

Firm History

1832 Asset Management L.P. (formerly Scotia Asset Management L.P.) and its predecessor companies have managed assets in Canada since 1877, providing disciplined investment management for mutual funds, pensions, corporations, foundations, and individuals. 1832 Asset Management L.P. also provides investment advice on estates and trusts administered by the Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company.  1832 Asset Management L.P. has offices across Canada from Halifax to Victoria; it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of Nova Scotia.

Investment Philosophy

1832 Asset Management L.P.’s investment philosophy is based upon the conviction that returns are maximized by long-term investing.Three principles underline this belief:

  • To conserve and enhance our clients’ assets through the creation of long-term investment returns

  • To achieve these long-term investment results by means of a disciplined investment management process, consistently applied over time

  • To prudently manage total portfolio risk through diversification of investment holdings

Reporting & Communication with Clients

All clients receive a detailed written report on a quarterly basis. This review included a summary of portfolio assets and sector mix, a detailed list of assets, a  performance report and details of all transactions executed in the reporting period. 1832 Asset Management L.P.’s portfolio managers also keep in contact with clients through materials such as the Quarterly Comment and Portfolio Perspectives, both formal and informal client calls and meetings as well as an annual review and personal visits.  1832 Asset Management L.P. does not hold client assets. Although we can work with any third party custodian, The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company has been selected as the custodian of choice. Our compliance team provided another layer of monitoring and oversight as it reviews for ongoing adherence to policy and monitors portfolio holdings. 1832 Asset Management L.P. is a member of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada and is able to offer service to people in all provinces and the Yukon Territory.