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Avenue Investment Management Inc.


47 Colborne Street, Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1P8
(416) 482 - 2004

Principal Contacts

Matt Manara
Partner & Portfolio Manager
Tel: (416) 482 - 2004

Client Minimums

Private: $750,000

No private institutional minimum has been specified.

Types of Accounts Managed

  • Private Individual / Investor

Provinces of Business

  • Alberta*
  • British Columbia*
  • Ontario*

* indicates a physical location in this province

At Avenue, we don’t think investing should look or feel like gambling. That’s why we focus on getting solid returns reliably. That’s why we invest 100% of our own wealth alongside our clients’ wealth, and cut our fees in half if we don’t make a positive return. We’re also committed to doing our own rigorous research—instead of taking someone else’s word for it.

And that’s why we can look our clients in the eye.

Our Principles

Investing 100% of our own wealth.

Our money is handled exactly like yours.

Cutting our fees in half.

In the Avenue equity portfolio, if we don’t make you a positive rate of return in a given year, our fees are cut in half the following year.

Picking up the phone.

One direct line to speak to the person actually handling your money.

Being seriously accountable.

All senior Portfolio Managers are CFA charterholders. The firm is an independently owned Portfolio Manager registered in Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and Quebec, with oversight by the Securities Commissions in these provinces. In addition, performance is independently examined and verified to make sure we are doing what we say we are doing.

Investing, not selling.

We’re interested in growing your investment wealth, not selling you financial products.

Customizing, not complicating.

We allocate your assets to meet your individual financial needs.

Focusing on absolute returns.

Inflation is the true destroyer of money over time. Our goal is to get the consistent returns we need and ignore investment fads and relative performance that can easily lead to bad decision- making.

Comprehensive financial planning.

For those who are looking for help putting a financial plan together, we will work with you and build a clear long-term plan with realistic goals that will let you sleep at night.

Tax, Legal and Estate.

Need improved tax or legal planning? We don’t do that but we have relationships with some great people.