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Goodreid Investment Counsel Corp.


87 Front Street East, 2nd Floor
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1B8
(416) 364 - 0890

Principal Contacts

Gordon Reid
President and CEO
Tel: (416) 364 - 0890

Andrew Budd
Chief Compliance Officer and Portfolio Manager
Tel: (416) 364 - 0890

Client Minimums

Private: $500,000
Institutional: $500,000

Types of Accounts Managed

  • Private Individual / Investor
  • Institutional Investor - Pension Plan
  • Institutional Investor - Other

Provinces of Business

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario*
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan
  • Northwest Territories
  • Yukon
  • United States

* indicates a physical location in this province

Firm OverviewGoodreid Investment Counsel is an independent, employee-owned investment management firm that focuses primarily on the needs of high net worth investors and institutions. We offer a managed portfolio approach enabling us to provide investment solutions for our individual clients as well as pensions, estates, trusts, corporations, charitable and endowment funds, and all types of registered plans including RRSP, RRIF and TFSA. With many decades of combined industry experience, our portfolio managers employ a consistent disciplined investment process to ensure that an individual’s portfolio is made up of quality debt offerings and some of the world’s best companies. Asset allocation is personalized for each individual client which ensures the appropriate balance between capital appreciation and preservation. In addition, our management expertise allows us to offer attractive and competitive opportunities to the institutional market.

Investment PhilosophyGoodreid’s investment philosophy, “quality investments at the right price”, offers a foundation for long-term financial success. We integrate this investment philosophy into a managed portfolio approach, tailored specifically to each client’s needs, by incorporating the following steps into our process:

–  Establish a disciplined planning approach called the Goodreid Investor Discovery processwhich results in a personalized asset mix intended to achieve long-term investment goals.–  Integrate both quantitative and qualitative inputs into the investment process in order tobalance risk and reward.–  Adhere to a disciplined investment process to achieve consistent performance.–  Rely on the belief that long-term earnings and cash flow growth is the most critical factor indetermining superior long-term equity performance.–  Adhere to a responsive and decisive sell discipline in order to attain superior returns.–  Invest in quality companies with clear competitive advantages to enhance long-termreturns.