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Rogan Investment Management Limited


66 Wellington Street West
Suite 5402
Toronto, Ontario M5K 1H6
(416) 366 - 4208
Toll Free: (888) 394 - 4421

Principal Contacts

Lindsay Rogan
Managing Director
Tel: (416) 366 - 4208

Client Minimums

Private: $3,000,000

Has no minimum for institutional clients.

Types of Accounts Managed

  • Private Individual / Investor
  • Institutional Investor - Non-Profit

Provinces of Business

  • Ontario*

* indicates a physical location in this province

Firm History

Founded in 1979, Rogan Investment Management (Rogan) manages balanced portfolios of equity and fixed income securities on a discretionary and highly personalized basis for high net worth families and foundations. Rogan is an independent investment counsel, without ownership links to the brokerage and banking communities. The firm’s sole business is the investment management of client assets. Over its long history, Rogan has achieved superior results for clients using a consistent value investment discipline. The three portfolio managers are: David Rogan, CFA (at the firm since 1994, in the investment industry since 1991), Robert Farquharson, CFA (at the firm since 2019, in the industry since 1987), and William Rogan (founder). William Rogan is a Past President of PMAC.

Investment Philosophy

The firm’s goal is to preserve and increase wealth for clients after the effects of tax and inflation. This has been achieved through long-term ownership of a select group of investments about which the portfolio managers have conviction. Investment holdings consist primarily of established, financially strong North American corporations across a broad range of industries and high quality bonds.

Rogan has differentiated itself through its independent research effort, the prime objective of which is to uncover the best opportunities, whether in equities or fixed income securities. The portfolio managers search for companies with good businesses, proven management and undervalued shares. Good businesses are generally those with structural advantages over competitors, high levels of profitability and surplus cash flow generation. Undervalued shares are those in which the quoted price is well below Rogan’s appraisal of the business or intrinsic value. This conservative ’margin of safety’ approach helps to minimize risk.

Additional information on the firm’s investment process and results is available upon request.

Reporting & Communication with Clients

An investment policy statement is developed for clients based on their investment goals and constraints, which include income requirements and risk tolerance. A separate investment strategy is developed in cases where a new client is sending an existing portfolio of investments. Clients receive monthly portfolio statements, quarterly performance updates, frequent investment commentaries, year-end tax packages, and periodically meet with portfolio managers for a comprehensive investment review. Other communication is tailored to satisfy individual client preferences.