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What topics would PMAC be prepared to discuss publicly?

We are open to discussing a wide variety of topics including general investor education on the differences between financial professionals (eg. brokers, mutual fund dealers, investment counselors), the need for a single securities regulator, federal and provincial budgets, and changes in federal and provincial securities regulation. As an Association, we will not comment on specific investments or market performance (although many of our members may) but are happy to act as a referral source for the media when seeking an expert on a particular subject matter (eg. green investing, small cap equities, stock market activity generally).

On what topics has PMAC recently taken a position?

We are advocating for the removal of the provincial portion of HST from investment management fees. We believe this is a tax on savings and value added taxes typically are taxes at time of consumption. We support the introduction of a National Regulator to enhance investor protection and stimulate economic development in Canada.

Are there any developments affecting the investment industry you believe Canadians would be interested in?

During downturns in the market, investors often seek answers from their advisors regarding the security of their investments. We encourage Canadian investors to discuss the following key points with their investment advisors:

  • What is your perspective on what is happening to the capital markets?
  • How has the recent market activity impacted me?
  • What investment approach is your firm taking to optimize preserving my capital?
  • How is my portfolio performing relative to comparable benchmarks?

I want to interview a member firm.  Can you help?

We can’t guarantee a member will agree to be interviewed, but we can certainly help you source the right firm for a specific topic.

Do you assist individual Canadians in understanding portfolio management and how to choose a firm that is right for them?

Our website contains a variety of information that would help an investor select investment counsel, including a checklist of questions to ask. We are neither a regulator nor an SRO (self regulated organization), and therefore cannot comment on specific investment manager’s performance, reputation, or compliance with securities regulation.

General information helpful to investors can be found here.