Submissions to Government

PMAC Supports Cooperative Capital Markets Regulator

The Portfolio Management Association of Canada (PMAC) fully supports the recent announcement of the Ministers of Finance of British Columbia, Ontario and Canada regarding the establishment of a new cooperative capital markets regulatory system in Canada. PMAC has been a strong supporter and vocal advocate for a common securities regulator for many years.

We have long advocated that Canada adopt a national securities regulator and get in step globally with the administration of securities regulation. We truly believe that a common securities regulator is in the best interests of Canadians. We are pleased that the Federal Government has prioritized the creation of a national securities regulator and that it has delivered on its promise to make this a reality for Canada. We applaud Ontario and British Columbia’s leadership. We, too are hopeful that the other provinces and territories will see the wisdom of participating in a cooperative securities regulator and that it has broad and swift acceptance. To this end, we plan to advocate to all non-participating provinces and territories the importance of joining the cooperative securities regulator.

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